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The Kingston design reveals a clean and sophisticated style, designed to soothe and restore the mind and body or handle any rouge cannonball.

Lake Shore

The Lake Shore is the little brother of the Kingston, this pool too is designed to sooth
and restore the mind and body …but in a bigger way.


The Monaco is the essence of enjoyment, it removes all the unnecessary elements and focuses on only
what needs to be there, generous in size and elegant in design.


Get refreshed when you plunge into the Milan, the fiberglass pre-engineered plunge pool designed for the ultimate
cool-down experience on the hottest of summer days.

Olympia 16

The Olympia 16 is brilliant for functionality, with a clear, clean and uncluttered
design it is the place to be for long hot summer
days with family and friends.

Olympia 14

The Olympia 14 has dynamic style with rich character, immerse, soak and
relax and enjoy the sun all the long day.

Olympia 12

The Olympia 12 is an impressive design, pretend you’re in the tropics, learn to
snorkel, jump of the edge of the barrier reef, but your home
just outside in the backyard.

Providence 14

This divine contemporary design boasts the best of form and functionality. Ease into the water
via a beautiful bench entry, glide through a 30 ft. long swim lane, relax on the end-to-end tanning ledge
and exit with ease from both sides of the pool.

St. Thomas

The St. Thomas is a simple, yet elegant pool design. The rectangular shape
looks luxurious as center of your back yard.

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