Special Deals

Because of our long history of installing fiberglass pools for satisfied clients, on occasion, we manage to have a special pool or spa arrive in our showroom direct from the manufacturers; a deal falls through, the manufacturer ships us an item with the wrong specifications or any number of reasons. 

When that happens, we'll do our best to notify our clients via social media or an email blast but feel free to bookmark this page to stay informed of the great deals we may have!


Aruba - $24,995, Maya Blue

This fantastic pool from Viking Pools is ready to be installed ... for thousands less than normal because of its "display" status.  It's a new, never-installed pool with extra flourishes and the same great Viking warranty.

Say the word and we'll have this new pool/spa installed while there's still plenty of Summer remaining.


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We have these gems available right now!  They're all new, never-installed pools with no flaws or defects.  We simply were able to get these products for thousands less than normal ... and we're passing those savings on to you. Check the Viking, Liberty and Liberty catalogs for more details on their overall construction and colors but these pools and spas come with our same quality installation and full, lifetime Viking warranty. Ask a sales agent about the wonderful warranties from both the manufacturers AND from Gary's Pool and Patio.

Call us at 210.494.5002 or email us for any questions or to arrange a chat with one of our sales staff.